Imran Khan Peshawari Chappal | Kaptaan Chappal

Imran Khan Peshawari Chappal

Imran Khan Peshawari Kaptaan Chappal Imran khan especially wears Kaptaan chappal which is made up of high-quality leather and soles are also very good in quality. Kaptaan Chappals have their own unique style that adds a special charm to their wearer. Imran khan chappals are famous because our prime minister and popular cricketer Imran khan […]

Best Handmade Peshawari Chappal Design 2022

Peshawari Chappal Design

Peshawari Chappal Design: The traditional shoes of Peshawar and all over Pakistan. These Pashtoon chappals are made with high-quality leather that has been handcrafted by expert artisans. Its reputation as one of the most durable pairs in existence today! It’s known not only in Peshawar, but also outside of Pakistan and India for its beautiful […]