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Peshawari Chappals

Imran Khan Peshawari Kaptaan Chappal

Imran khan especially wears Kaptaan chappal which is made up of high-quality leather and soles are also very good in quality. Kaptaan Chappals have their own unique style that adds a special charm to their wearer.

Imran khan chappals are famous because our prime minister and popular cricketer Imran khan love to wear this chappal. He orders these chappals in large numbers.

Kaptaan chappal shop Peshawar has different brands for chappal in Pakistan especially Peshawar Kpk. These type of chappals are matches your style if you are going for a party and purchase these products for different events in Pakistan.

Imran Khan Peshawari Chappal price

Stylish Kaptaan Chappals also provide you with maximum comfort, so that your feet will not be sore after walking around all day long. Kaptaan Chappal is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy new chappals!

Kaptaan chappals are the best quality men’s footwear that you will find in Pakistan. Kaptaan Chappal is here to give you a new look and provide maximum comfort while wearing Kaptaan Shoes.

Kaptaan chappal Peshawar has different color available and the price for Kaptain chappal is normal, we have kaptaan chappal black, marron, mutter yellow you can check the price here.


Peshawari Chappal Design 2021

Peshawari Chappal are the best quality men’s footwear that you will find in Pakistan. Kaptaan Shoes also have an excellent design which makes Kaptaan one of the top brands for all your needs! You can buy kaptaan chappal new design online on our website

Peshawar is located in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and has long been renowned as a centre of excellence for Pashtun handicrafts, particularly those made from leather such as Kaptaan shoes. The use of animal hides to make various items dates back thousands of years ago when people used them as protection against harsh climates