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Peshawari Chappals

Best Handmade Peshawari Chappal Design 2024

Trendy Textured Fabric Dark Brown Double

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textured fabric made brown peshawari chappal
textured fabric made brown peshawari chappal

Peshawari Chappal Design: The traditional shoes of Peshawar and all over Pakistan. These Pashtoon chappals are made with high-quality leather that has been handcrafted by expert artisans.
Its reputation as one of the most durable pairs in existence today!

It’s known not only in Peshawar, but also outside of Pakistan and India for its beautiful design to stand out amongst other shoes on feet or market stalls alike.

Peshawari Chappal designs come in different styles depending on your preference: zalmi (gold), Imran khan (yellow, marron) nurzoi/Chappals, charsadda chappals etc.

Peshawari chappals Design

With Peshawari chappals, you can finally embrace your everyday comfort. These lightweight and breathable shoes are perfect for any occasion or just lounging around the house!

They come in different colors so there’s something that’ll match anyone’s style – from gents who love fashion month-round to casual consumers looking for an easy go-to footwear option every day of summer vacation while still wanting their look fresh each morning when they step outdoors after showering off all evening long inside

These Peshawari chappals are perfect for weddings, parties and different events in Pakistan. You can trust their quality to match any style you have at home or on the go!

The wedding season has started which means it’s time for all sorts of celebrations-weddings being no exception, but there is one thing guaranteed when entering your significant other’s lives:

Trendy Textured Fabric Yellow DESIGN
Trendy Textured Fabric Yellow DESIGN

Peshawari chappals Store

Footwear needs change from formal looking heels (which unfortunately most women wear) into something more comfortable that still looks great

The Peshawari Style has been around for centuries, blending the concepts of both East and West. The traditional style is rounded on top with a square toe, which is designed to wear just like runners. Our choice treats you to rich colors that are perfect for any occasion. Prove your fashion risk-taking mettle by stepping out in one of these chappal styles today!

Peshawari shoes represent fabulous styles with brilliant colors guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go.

imran khan peshawari chappal
Imran Khan Chappal

Peshawari Kaptaan Chappals

Stand out in the crowd with these amazing Kaptaan Peshawari chappals. These USPs are crafted from high-quality leather and have a modern touch that you won’t find anywhere else! It’s not just about their durability or comfort level, but also because it is made of premium materials for ultimate fitment so they click like gloves.

The Kaptaan Peshawari Chappal is known to be a great addition to any occasion. These high-quality handmade shoes have an elegant and stylish black colurway that will match most outfits in your closet!

With its modern finish, this bespoke footwear offers exceptional cushioning with insoles which make them extra comfortable while also being able to wear it every day without getting tired of how they look or feeling uncomfortable

Zalmi Peshawari Chappal
Zalmi Peshawari Chappal

Zalmi Chappal Design

When it comes to Pukhtoon wear, have you ever seen the Zalmi Peshawari Chappal? The shoe represents a province of heritage and deep-rooted love for culture. It’s called ‘saplai’ by other provinces because they are made from quality leather that is strong yet durable!s

charsadda chappal

Modern Charsadda Chappal Mesh Marron

You’ll want to get your hands on these adorable Modern Charsadda Chappal Mesh Black shoes. Made with high-quality leather and eye-catching designs, they are perfect for adding flair to any outfit. Wear them with an embroidered shalwar or trousers– you’re ready to go all day!

Keep cool feet no matter what the weather with Charsadda Chappal Black! These Peshawari chappals are beautifully designed to keep your feet fresh, but you might want to make sure not to wear them on ice.

If there is any, this could turn into an icicle situation fast enough without help from your feet first-hand warmers. All of our shoes are wild and stylish so come find yours today before they’re gone tomorrow!

Check more models on our store


textured fabric yellow peshawari chappal
textured fabric yellow peshawari chappal

Textured Fabric Chappals Store In Pakistan

Trendy Textured Fabric: Stand out in the crowd with these amazing Peshawari chappals. These USPs are crafted from high-quality leather and have a modern touch that you won’t find anywhere else! It’s not just about their durability or comfort level, but also because it is made of premium materials for ultimate fitment so they click like gloves.

Zilker Presents vibrant colours in traditional Peshawari Chappal design. This stylish footwear is modern, elegant, and comfortable.

  • Insole padding for maximum comfort
  • A modern and stylish touch to Peshawari Chappals by Zirkers
  • Handmade in Charsadda by an expert artisan

We have different types and sizes available such as Imran khan chappal, Zalmi Peshawari chappals, Modern charsadda chappal  visit peshawari chappal store to Check more Models


Peshawari Chappal Design Conclusion

So if you want any of the design above you can contact us direct via website, place order on store, or via whatsapp our team will contact your shortly.

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